Company Profile

We at Esdi Maritime Pvt Ltd, are a team of Experienced Marine Professionals/ Master Mariners who endeavor to provide complete professional service to our clients. Our motto is to enhance our competitiveness, anticipate and respond to future customer needs and continually improve the quality and affordability of our services with due care for the environment.

Capt S. Dash & Capt S. P. Sahoo who are at the helm of all Agency and cargo handling related services , are experienced Master Mariners having vast sailing experience of various kinds of vessels. They have been ashore for more than ten years providing Agency and cargo handling services to various clients.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide in-house expertise to solve unforeseen problems promptly and pragmatically. This results from our diverse skill set targeted at selected segments of the trade. We provide an extra edge by having in-depth local trade knowledge catering to agency need of our clients which enables clients to effectively compete in the market place.

We offer a comprehensive range of services covering inward and outward clearance, all cargo requirements & documentation, and other services for and on behalf of the owners and Charterers at following Ports of India in the East Coast :

  • Dhamra
  • Paradip
  • Vizag
  • Gangavaram
  • Kakinada
  • Krishnaptnam

We Work closely with Terminal Operators, Customs, Immigration & other Governmental Departments and we are committed to uphold and protect the Ship owners and Charterers interests for the speedy turn-around of their vessels.